Thursday, June 10, 2004

Confessions of a Volunteer Voter Registrar

Andrea Raila, David Fourer and Larry McCarthy Registering Voters
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Thanks to Andrea for sending this powerful statement (edited for length).

Saturday, June 5 was a beautiful summer day long awaited in Chicago! I could have enjoyed the entire day with my 3 kids (ages 1, 5, & 7) and husband (age 47) but there were too many future issues beaconing me that made the moment less urgent.

I registered voters with volunteers David Fourer and Larry McCarthy at the Peace Museum on Chicago's westside African American community. Garfield Park was having a Health Fest. Free immunizations and physical exams. Lots of information on health insurance. This is about the best preventive care many in this community will get because so few can afford health insurance.

Those who have employment, like at McDonalds, will not get insurance. Did you know that McDonalds in every country outside the US insure their workers? This company can afford to raise their burger prices by 10 cents to insure their employees. We'd gladly pay the price.

I registered many first time young voters. The thrill of empowering young people with a voice to vote can be intoxicating. I registered several who were only 17 but who would turn 18 by the November 2 election. Their enthusiasm to become voters was inspiring and showed the future strength of this country.

We have no control over when we die. But for Americans we won't die by the hands of death squads, fascist dictators or by caste or honor killings. We have the ultimate freedom no better expressed than in our right to vote.


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