Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Breaking News – Barack Obama to Speak at Democrat Convention

(Via the ArchPundit) The New York Times reports today Illinois own Barack Obama might be the keynote speaker at the Democratic convention in Boston. The Times quoting Kerry says:

CHICAGO, June 29 — The Democratic National Committee has not yet announced or, in fact, selected the keynote speaker for its convention in Boston next month, but Senator John Kerry, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, let a hint slip here this morning.

"I cannot wait to hear his voice," Mr. Kerry said of Barack Obama, the Democratic Senate candidate here in Illinois, who became a hot commodity in national political circles after emerging from a crowded primary field this spring. "First at our convention, where he's going to have an opportunity to speak in a few weeks, and then on the floor of the United States Senate."

Awesome Barack, ChicagolandforKerry is behind you 100%!


Blogger KathyKarsten said...

Way to go Obama!!!

4:38 PM  
Blogger leo said...

You know, the next time someone makes some cheap remark about politicians, I'll just say, Remember Obama!

If we're ever going to get out of our current predicament, it'll be thanks to people of the greatest talent, like Obama, who are devoting their lives to public service. Would it be partisan of me to say they're all running on the Democratic ticket?

12:11 AM  
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