Friday, May 28, 2004

Chicago Grassroots Welcome Avis LaVelle

Avis LaVelle has been named the new Illinois Field Director and is expected to officially start with the campaign on July 1st. What a fantastic choice! Besides having a wealth of campaign experience, Avis has deep roots in Chicago. Having Avis in a visible leadership role will significantly broaden John Kerry’s appeal across all demographics.

Highlights from Avis’ Background include:

· Campaign Manager for Mayor Richard M. Daley (99)
· Press Secretary Mayor Richard M. Daley
· National Press Secretary President Bill Clinton (92)
· Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the Department of Health and Human Services
· Vice President Chicago School Reform Board of Trustees

For more information, read a more extensive bio from the Chicago Public Schools.


Blogger leo said...

Someone said Avis will begin around the first of July and not the first of June. In any case, this'll be before Boston and if you think about how campaigns normally progress, this is still pretty good timing.

8:42 PM  

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